Diana May Oppenheim

About Me

On Teaching and Practicing....


Be yourself, hold nothing back, love where you’re at, and have fun!  

Like so many people, Yoga has completely transformed my life.  Once a devout follower of distraction, emotional avoidance and numbness, the mindful practice of yoga has reconnected me to myself and the world around me.  The mind-body connection is real, and my life as well as the countless others that continue to step onto their mats day after day affirms this.


As a student and practitioner, yoga has been there for me through thick and thin.  From bringing out the strength I needed to literally support myself through life, to increasing my flexibility in both mind and body, this practice has shaped my physical, mental and spiritual body.   On days when I need vigor and on days when I need a sweet surrender, this practice supports me. 


As a teacher, I aspire to create a space where every student feels empowered and cared for.  I incorporate a strong, alignment based vinyasa practice coupled with focused breath work and space to be intuitive in your movements as well.  I meticulously over-plan my classes and am willing to throw my plans out the window if my intention doesn't match the students.  


Teaching and Practicing seem very similar to me.  The principles of mindfulness, attention to detail and healing are always present.  The biggest difference is that when I am a student, it's all about me. When I am teaching, it is all about who is in the room.   I think it is important to continuously be a dedicated student and through my own practices I can be more in tune and present when I teach.  

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and environmental economic policy.  I have a master’s degree in urban planning and community development.  But it is the yoga that compels me to act.  Since 2009 I have completed over 1000 hours of training and continuing education.  I don't plan to stop.  


Aside from yoga, I gain the biggest inspiration from my mom and two amazing sisters, my neice and nephew and being in nature.  I have had some of the most beautiful moments while sitting at the ocean shore watching the waves roll in.  I have felt the most connected to the entirety of all there is while in the depths of the forests and mountains.  Without my family and nature, the practices I immerse myself in every day would not be where they are today.  


My hope is to continue this path of self-inquiry and to share, as humbly as I can, my experience with those around me.