Prop Workshops:

co-taught with Amber Green

7:30 - 9pm ET


Recording Available

Mon, 7/25/22: Blocks & Straps

Mon 8/01/22: Chair & Wall

Mon 8/08/22: Blankets & Bolster

We will explore ways to work with props for different functions.  Postures and movements can be enhanced in different ways and for different purposes.  This workshop series is great for students to learn how to best use props for specific ailments, and great for teachers to learn how to use props to sequence with intention.  

Yoga & The Nervous System

4-part series

co-taught with Veronica Stevens of Waking Womb


Recorded Option Available

In this 4-part series, we will look in-depth to each main response of the nervous system under stress:  Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn.  We will learn ways yoga can help to restore balance and bring us into a more regulated state.  Not so we can "be calm", but so we can learn to pendulate  from activation to ease and have a greater capacity to be present for all of life-- the joys and the stress. 

Saturday, 9/03/22 at 12 - 2pm ET

Sunday, 9/04/22 at 3 - 5pm ET

Saturday, 9/10/22 at 12 - 2pm ET

Sunday, 9/11/22 at 3 - 5pm ET

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