Yoga Fundamentals

at Kanda Yoga School

I'll be taking over the Yoga Fundamentals class at Kanda Yoga School in May. 

$27 Drop-in

*New students to Kanda can use code GUEST for first class free!

7:15 - 8:15pm ET

Monday, 5/02: Downward Dog

Monday, 5/09: Warrior 1

Monday, 5/15: Warrior 2

Monday, 5/23: Warrior 3

Yoga for the Nervous System

co-taught with Veronica Stevens of Waking Womb

Saturday, 06/04

12 - 2pm Eastern Time

We will dive in deep to how mindfulness and alignment based yoga, in addition to somatic based movements can support our nervous system and leave us feeling grounded and uplifted.  

Yoga & Nervous System Flyer.JPEG
White Branch

Yoga In Depth

a 3-part series

co-taught with Monica Bright of Enhanced Body School

3 Saturdays in July, 2022

We will break down common movements in a whole new way:

Forward Bending



More Info Coming Soon...