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Yoga in Depth

12 - 2pm ET
Recordings available for 2 weeks

Dive into the depth of your own movement experience.  Yoga asana has many benefits, and in these workshops we will break down some fundamental yet easily overlooked areas of the body. 

Yoga for Spinal Health: Saturday 4/08/23: 

The spine is an integral part of yoga, both physically and energetically.  Learn about the spine's importance and function and ways to keep the spine flexible in all directions!

Yoga for Happy Knees: Saturday 4/22/23

Spend two hours learning all about the knees!  We will look both above and below the knee joint and explore ways to strengthen all around the knee.  You will leave strong and grounded.  

Yoga for a Balanced Sacrum: 5/13/23

The sacrum is a keystone of the body.  Both part of the spine and part of the pelvis.   We will spend time learning anatomy- both physical and energetic- and ways to support the sacrum.  You will leave feeling open and balanced. 

The Breath & Yoga: 06/03/23

Spend time learning the mechanics of yogic breath and looking at the importance of our respiratory diaphragm.  Breath is one of the most powerful tools in yoga (in my opinion)-- come learn why in this workshop!  We will learn anatomy, energetics, and have plenty of time to do asana and also practice breathing. 

Spine by Cassie.HEIC
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