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Yoga & The Nervous System Series

Thursday - Sunday
5 - 7pm ET
Feb 23 - 26

Join Diana May Yoga & Veronica Rottman for this 4-part series exploring the relationship between yoga & understanding our nervous systems.  

If you practice yoga, you already know it is good for your nervous system. In this 4-part series, Veronica and Diana will go in depth why that is so, and ways you can tailor your yoga practice to help regulate your own personal system. We will explore Polyvagal Theory, the physical structure of your nerves, how to identify and regulate and balance different states your nervous system might be in. By the end, you will understand how your yoga practice can help build your capacity to listen to, understand and regulate yourself.

This series is part of the SmartFLOW 300-hour program.   Open to all. 

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