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Private Yoga Sessions

Are you interested in private yoga classes or private small group classes? One of my favorite things to do is work one/one with people.  I appreciate taking the time to see what people's needs are and highlight different aspects of the yoga practice to suit their needs.   Whether you're a beginner who doesn't feel comfortable in a public class, to someone who is working through a specific injury or experience in life, to someone who simply wants consistency, accountability, and depth in their practice, working one on one or in small, trusted groups can be an incredible way to learn.  

Basic info: 

  • I prefer consistent sessions so you can really get the full benefit.  Once or twice per week for a minimum of two months is ideal.   We can find a routine that works for you.

  • All sessions are virtual

  • I charge a sliding scale of $80-125/hour.  You can purchase a session below.

  • To schedule your private session, you can email me at and we can find a time. 

  • There will be a 50% charge for late cancellations (18 hours prior to lesson) or no shows

Read some testimonials below to get a sense of what sessions can offer. 

Fill out the form below to inquire.

  • 60-min Private Class

    seedling price
    Valid for 7 days
    • 1 60-minute private yoga class
  • 60-min Private Class

    Growth Price
    Valid for 7 days
    • 1 60-minute Private Yoga Class
  • Private Class 60 min

    Flower Price
    Valid for 7 days
    • 1 60-minute yoga class

Lily & Albert

We have been working with Diana in group privates for over 5 years (since 2017). When the pandemic hit in 2020, she promptly took the privates online; through trial & error and enduring funky internet connections on both ends, we’ve been able to continue to this day, even when she moved to Michigan.  We miss the human contact but it’s been great because Diana has been persistent in being flexible.

She has been a continuing source of helpful information to deepen our yoga practice. She works with us on proper alignment, even when our limbs aren’t aligned due to our old injuries that causes aches & pain and years of “natural bad habits”. She has a knack for remembering our specific alignment challenges and gently corrects us; even on the online format, she has an eagle eye! 

Diana’s utilization of props continues to be a source of exploration for us, as it has allowed us to work on areas previously we could not.

Alex & JoJo

In a world of nonsense, Diana is the realest of real deals. Her practice is so thorough, so rigorous, so well-researched and well-considered from all angles. In private sessions, she meets you where you’re at and pushes you forward in the exact right ways. Her teaching style, ever precise and precisely communicated, has adapted and thrived in this new, remote style (plus, her cats can now come to the sessions!). We adore and admire Diana as a teacher and as a person. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jane Francis

I’ve truly found a companion and guide for my yoga journey in Diana. I began private zoom lessons late in 2020 to help me deal with stress and a chronic health condition, and I’ve kept it up through a bunch of life and body changes because the practice has been such an anchor for my self care. These days I’m more focused on strength-building and seeing what my body can do, but some days I show up to a session with low energy, low mood, low health. Diana is always able to adjust and create a practice that meets me where I am that day. My body awareness has really improved through my work with Diana, and I’m more balanced, stable and strong—body and mind. 


I really appreciate Diana’s approach to yoga, which is at once playful yet reverent, humble yet empowered, and above all curious and insightful. She’s also just a mine of yogic information: be it anatomy, philosophy, or psychology. Highly recommend both private sessions and the group zooms!

Katie Clark Alsadder

Over the past several years, my weekly online yoga session with Diana has become the most consistent thing in my life. Through having and raising a child, all the social upheaval of the pandemic and unrest of the past years, and moving to another state, this treasured hour of practice has truly become a sacred space for my healing, health and well-being. Diana is an incredibly skilled teacher not only for the way she tailors yoga flows to energy level, physical state and to meet personal goals, but more importantly, for the supportive space she creates to show up on the mat — and for yourself — as a whole being: to be seen and cared for mind, body and soul. I’m immensely grateful for how she has changed my life, helping me approach a constantly changing world with more empathy, strength, flexibility and grounding. 

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