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Align & Support: Yoga Training

May 4th - May 8th, 2023

near Tucson, AZ

Amber Cook Green and Diana May Yoga are thrilled to be hosting a yoga retreat/training for yoga teachers and dedicated students.


Spend the weekend with us in the incredibly rich desert landscape as we dive deeply into our practice, exploring what it means to align & support ones self, and each other.  Each day will consist of a focused yoga practice, workshops on gross and subtle anatomy, how to effectively and creatively use props to teach to multiple levels, psych-sensitive yoga, and other workshops to get you to explore what is clear seeing.   Opportunities to practice teach and adjust will be available.


Enjoy healthy, home cooked and mindfully meals prepared by meditation teacher, and musician extraordinaire,  Charity Khan.  All meals will be plant-based, nourishing and delicious.


Don't worry- it won't be work the whole time:  We will make sure to spend a full day enjoying and hiking in the beautiful landscape we are in.    


In your free time, you can swim at the pool, soak in the hot tub, star gaze, nap, read, have meaningful conversation, or simply be in awe of nature. 

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