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Soma Yoga Retreat

Ojai, CA

February 23 - 26th, 2024

Join Veronica & Diana for an incredible retreat in Ojai, California.  

Set in 110 acres in the foothills of Topatopa Mountains, you will be surrounded by beautiful vistas, winding trails, fresh air, and space.  This week will be a complete reset for your system.  You will be so well taken care of.  


Each morning you will be awaken with a coffee and tea bar, time to soak in the morning views, and then head to a thoughtful, yoga class to tap into how your body is doing.  The afternoon will include time to relax, read, nap, take walks on the property, and anything else you wish.  Your meals will be like art, nourishing and beautiful.  We will have daily workshops on somatic practices and time to connect to what is in your system, and how to befriend it.  You will be supported.   


This weekend is all about receiving.  We hope you enjoy this experience!

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