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Diana May is a dedicated yoga teacher with over 1200 hours of training and over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Her approach to practice is infused with anatomy, alignment and mindfulness.  She believes that yoga is a way to observe both physical and psychological patterns, to understand tangibly cause and effect, to choose a new way forward if desired, and above all else to be kind.  


Diana teaches public classes, workshops and works one on one with individuals to offer support for their needs.  She has worked with people with chronic and acute pain, injury, neurological disorders, mild to severe mental health issues and simply people who wish to have accountability in their practice.  She has lead retreats and trainings nationally and internationally.  


Health and wellness are integral benefits of the yoga practice, but it is not simply physical.  How we care for our nervous systems, and our own mental attitude are key for our wellbeing.  That's why she is embarking on a 3-year somatic experiencing training starting December, 2022.


Diana has degrees in environmental studies, economic policy and holds a Master’s Degree in urban planning and community development.  She has spent countless hours in the wilderness and understands that nature is the ultimate teacher.  With every comfort and convenience, something is gained and also lost. She sees all things as interconnected and therefor upholds the value that it is our personal responsibility to care for ourselves and show up in this world as authentically, healthfully, respectfully and presently as possible.  



Yoga Education and Trainings


200-hour YTT at Corepower Yoga, 2009

350-hour mentorship with Margo Kellison-Lightburn, 2009-2010

50-hour Seane Corn Training, 2010

5-hour Seane Corn workshop 2011

100-hour Anusara Training with Sara Strother & Sarah Starnes 2011

20-hour workshop with Annie Carpenter 2012

100-hour Viveka Training with Annie Carpenter 2013

30-hour Yoga Workshop with Douglas Brooks & Noah Maze 2013

50-hour yoga training with Annie Carpenter, 2015

50-hour yoga training with Annie Carpenter, 2016

10-hour Yoga for Longevity and Seniors workshop with Desiree Rambaugh 2017

5-hour yoga for scoliosis with Elise Miller 2017

50-hour Pranify with Annie Carpenter, 2017

50-hour Social Permaculture Training, 2018

100-hour Viveka with Annie Carpenter, 2019

200-hour CARE training with Guest Faculty 2020

15-hour Philosophy Training: Ramayana with Samhita Arni, 2022

8-hour Somatics & Boundaries course with Kimberly Anne Johnson, 2022

30-hour Beginner I Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2022

30-hour Beginner II Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

18-hour Yoga & Biomechanics training with Jules Mitchell, 2023

30-hour Beginner III Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

30-hour Intermediate I Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

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