Diana May Oppenheim

Experience the Beauty of Retreating....


CARE Online Yoga Training, 200 Hour


September 13th 2020-May 2nd 2021

Sundays 12pm-4pm PST, no holidays


What is self-care? This training is focused on the discovery and navigation of this question. What does it truly mean to take care of our bodies, minds, emotions, energy and spirit? What does it mean to take care of one another? CARE online yoga teacher training stands for Compassion, Awareness, Right Action, and Empathy. This starts with ourselves and ripples out into the world. Become a yoga teacher who can carry the light of integrity, honesty and authenticity into every classroom, interaction and relationship.

I am personally thrilled to be part of this unique and powerful program.  I love the design and intention behind this.  I will be working alongside some beautiful and talented women.  My role in this training will be a section on Yoga & Activism. 

To learn more about the program, please go here.