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Stepping into Leadership: A Retreat for Yoga Teachers

in Steamboat Springs, CO

Sept 25 - 29, 2019

$850 - 1000  *35 CE credits

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Join Amber and Diana for a yoga retreat designed for yoga teachers set in the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO.   


As long time teachers themselves, Amber and Diana know the delicate balance and integration between self care, personal practice, and developing teaching skills.  The best teachers are devoted practitioners who keep a zest for the practice and refine the many ways to communicate the teachings to wide audiences.  


Personal practice, deep introspection and safe community are staples of this retreat.   As the practice deepens, it becomes clear that an advanced practice is not just about deeper backbends and inversions-- though those can be fun!  The practice becomes integrated in how we live our lives.  


Each morning will start with a simple yet focused asana class to get us in our bodies.  


Each afternoon, we will explore topics such as 

-what is leadership?  

-how to embody collective intelligence rather than competition and individual gain

-how to live zero waste 

-natural body care techniques and aryuveda


In your free time, enjoy swimming, resting, reading, making lifelong friendships, hiking and going to the natural hot springs!

Yoga & Nature Immersion: Backpacking in Point Reyes
Friday & Saturday, December 6 & 7th 2019

Sliding Scale Donation:  $100 - 500, and in the spirit of reparations that need to happen at an institutional level, this retreat will be offered for free for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color.). All donations will support Global Movement Network.  

Join me for a short but sweet yoga and backpacking trip.  We will get to spend the night in one of the most gorgeous places-- a gem within California:  Point Reyes National Seashore!  We will backpack in just a short two-miles so we will have plenty of time for day hiking and wandering the quiet and stunning coast.   Saturday we will go into a protected dune ecosystem and learn about endangered plants and spend some time restoring the ecosystem and doing our part to protect the small amount of wild spaces we have left. 

Registration is HERE.   Space limited to 5 people so sign up early!

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