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Don't like to read?  You can listen to my Yoga Journey on The Full-Time Yoga Teacher's Podcast Here!

The short version is as follows:

My journey to yoga started when my sister dragged me to a yoga class because she heard it helps with stress.  I was 19, and very, very stressed.


See, I grew up with a single mom, and two older sisters. While we struggled at times, my mom worked very hard to have all of our needs met.  Yet, I knew that if I wanted to get out of my hometown (which I desperately did) and go to college, I would need to work very hard and get scholarships.   So, I immersed myself into academics and music and joined all the clubs.  I became too busy to notice what was going on with myself emotionally.


At the same time, I was super into punk rock music.  The loud, angry, care-free attitude of it was exactly my style.  And, in my teenage naivety, came to believe that caring about your body was the equivalent of being “mainstream.”  Something I was desperately avoiding.  I never bothered with my body.  I honestly never even thought about it!  As it turns out, being out of my body was incredibly protective to deal with things that I won’t mention on this bio ;)  Thanks, Nervous System!


So, when I did get the scholarships and went off to college and my whole world changed— I didn’t notice the physical signs of stress, or breakdown in my body.  I did notice them in my mind.  I had trouble concentrating.  I felt frenetic all the time.  My grades were slipping.  And I was both extremely focused on school (like I always had been) but it was like I was falling down a deep, dark hole faster than I could work myself out.  And I had a bit of a breakdown. After nearly dying, I took a semester off of school to focus on my health.


Enter Yoga.


I went into my first class— an ashtanga primary series class— and while I couldn’t do half of it, I absolutely fell in love.  I remember noticing for the first time that I had a body!  And that it could feel good— and also sore LOL!  I was 19.  And it was the first time that I was able to break free of my own person rat race and notice something different.  It changed my life.


I practiced slowly for awhile.  A bit hesitant to over-do it like I overdid everything else.  But after a couple years I knew it would stick.  I developed a daily practice, and basically lived for yoga.   


When I went to graduate school for Urban Planning in Chicago, I also completed my first yoga teacher training.  I became a full-time yoga teacher in 2009 and haven’t looked back since.


I began by teaching energetic, fast-paced yoga.  (I was in my early 20s, okay?!) I loved challenging people and helping them realize they were stronger than they thought.  That they could surprise themselves.


Quite early on in my teaching career, I had another pivotal moment.  An elderly woman fell and got injured in my class. Thankfully she was okay.  In that moment, I knew I wanted to invest more into my training and truly be able to offer and support anyone who walks into my classroom.


I trained in anatomy and yogic philosophy in depth.  I studied biomechanics.   I’ve studied the nervous system in depth and also applied neurology.  The more I study, the more I realize I’ll never quite learn it all.  And I may not be able to support everyone who walks into my classroom.  I accept that, yet still always strive to do my best. That includes having some compassion when I don’t have the energy, am sick, or just have a bad day.


What I do realize is that every person is unique.  I don’t subscribe to protocols.  I try to see each person as a tapestry of their entire lived experience, emerging new in each moment.   One movement might feel wonderful one day and it could change the next.   You change every day and so should your practice.  That’s the joy.  I will humbly create a space for you to explore what is present for you in any given moment.



Yoga Education and Trainings


200-hour YTT at Corepower Yoga, 2009

350-hour mentorship with Margo Kellison-Lightburn, 2009-2010

50-hour Seane Corn Training, 2010

5-hour Seane Corn workshop 2011

100-hour Anusara Training with Sara Strother & Sarah Starnes 2011

20-hour workshop with Annie Carpenter 2012

100-hour Viveka Training with Annie Carpenter 2013

30-hour Yoga Workshop with Douglas Brooks & Noah Maze 2013

50-hour yoga training with Annie Carpenter, 2015

50-hour yoga training with Annie Carpenter, 2016

10-hour Yoga for Longevity and Seniors workshop with Desiree Rambaugh 2017

5-hour yoga for scoliosis with Elise Miller 2017

50-hour Pranify with Annie Carpenter, 2017

50-hour Social Permaculture Training, 2018

100-hour Viveka with Annie Carpenter, 2019

200-hour CARE training with Guest Faculty 2020

15-hour Philosophy Training: Ramayana with Samhita Arni, 2022

8-hour Somatics & Boundaries course with Kimberly Anne Johnson, 2022

30-hour Beginner I Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2022

30-hour Beginner II Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

18-hour Yoga & Biomechanics training with Jules Mitchell, 2023

30-hour Beginner III Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

30-hour Intermediate I Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

44-hour Yoga For the Stages of Menopause Certificate with Niamh Daly, 2023

30-hour Intermediate II Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2023

30-hour Intermediate III Module: Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, 2024

3-month Applied Neurology Mentorship with Missy Bunch, 2024

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