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Work 1:1

Private sessions are one of the best ways to support yourself.  Whether you simply want more accountability in your practice, are working through a specific injury, are new to yoga, or have been experiencing symptoms of stress, trauma, or overwhelm and your current practice isn't "enough" for you.  

Yoga + Somatic Experiencing is a unique, individual experience where we will work on processing stuck patterns in your nervous system and reconnect you to your full experience.   Curious about how it works?  Book a free consultation!

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Green Light Ray

Work 1:1

My absolute joy and passion is help people love moving their bodies. 

Scratch that.  My joy and passion is to help people build a loving relationship with their bodies. 

We live in a society that prioritizes and holds up our minds as the center of everything:  Must know everything, must understand everything must figure everything out, must do more, must achieve more.  If something "is wrong" then we must "figure it out and fix it."  Sound familiar? 

Well let me tell you a secret:  If you could have thought your way out of pain and discomfort by now-- you would have.  If you could have thought your way to the life you want-- you would have.  The thinking mind is so important-- but it's only one piece of the puzzle.  And it's actually impacted by the state of our nervous system, and what we hold in our bodies.  


By building relationship with our bodies, we can actually gain the insight and wisdom that has been present for us this whole time.   We have all the answers we need. 

To work one on one is to have an experienced guide help bridge the communication gap.  

When we are in chronic pain, when we have dis-ease in our body and mind, it can feel a bit overwhelming with where to start.  That's where I come in! I have spent 15 years building my toolbox and creating specific methodology to help people like you.   

I want to support you, and i truly believe you can begin to make shifts now.  While each session will look different depending on who you are, I offer two main ways of working together: 


Inner Window Wash is a 4-week process where we look directly at any chronic pain or symptoms you have and find a way forward together.


1:1 Yoga sessions are more general, yet no less profound. These are one time sessions you can book as often as you'd like.


I look forward to working with you. 


Green Light Ray
Green Light Ray

We have been working with Diana in group privates for over 5 years (since 2017). When the pandemic hit in 2020, she promptly took the privates online; through trial & error and enduring funky internet connections on both ends, we’ve been able to continue to this day, even when she moved to Michigan.  We miss the human contact but it’s been great because Diana has been persistent in being flexible.

She has been a continuing source of helpful information to deepen our yoga practice. She works with us on proper alignment, even when our limbs aren’t aligned due to our old injuries that causes aches & pain and years of “natural bad habits”. She has a knack for remembering our specific alignment challenges and gently corrects us; even on the online format, she has an eagle eye! 

Diana’s utilization of props continues to be a source of exploration for us, as it has allowed us to work on areas previously we could not.

Lily & Albert

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