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Welcome to Yoga

Your yoga practice is already exactly as it should be. 

There are no expectations other than for you to get to know yourself, as you are, in this present moment. 

Your body is already amazing. In all it's strength and weakness.  In all of the ways it cooperates, and challenges us.  My hope is to provide a space for you to celebrate your body, listen to it, and learn what it might need from you on any given day. 

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Neuro Somatic Health Workshop

Tuesday, June 4th

2 - 4pm PDT / 5 - 7pm EDT


Recordings available if you cannot attend live

How do the brain and body communicate?  How can we work with the body to have a positive influence on our brains?  How can we use our brains to have a positive influence over the body?  These are all things we will discuss and experience in this workshop!  I hope you join me! 

Free Yoga Resource

Recommit to your practice.  

Enjoy these 4 free practices to do at any time. 

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Live Stream Yoga

I offer multiple classes per week to enjoy out of your own home. 

Classes are open to all. 

Sundays, 12:30 - 1:45pm ET

Mondays, 3 - 4pm ET

Wednesdays, 3 - 4pm ET

Access My Yoga Library

Loved a class you took recently?  You can rent any of my past yoga classes and take them again!

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Are you slowing down? Or in a functional freeze?

I had a lovely conversation with Erika Belanger on her podcast On & Off the Mat.  I talk about the importance of slowing down, and how difficult that can be for a lot of people.  If you are the type of person who has trouble taking breaks-- this convo is for you!

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Diana’s classes always leave me feeling full of grace and a new understanding of how my body works. She is a master of teaching the anatomy behind the asana, the breath, the nervous system, and the interconnectedness of it all. While I’m not the biggest fan of online classes (mainly because my space is lacking), I am always grateful when I've showed up for a Diana May Yoga class because in the end I am transformed.


That class was amazing! 7 weeks post total knee replacement on my right knee and I'm back on the mat, thanks to Diana!


Having experienced teachings from various yoga instructors for over twenty years, I must say that Diana's classes are a breath of fresh air. Her authentic approach, rooted in extensive knowledge, provides students a perspective on how we individually approach different yoga poses. What sets her apart is that her classes are inclusive, accessible to everyone, but always challenging. Additionally, her skillful incorporation of props enhances the practice, and the sequencing of poses is exceptional.

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