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Yoga Teacher


If you are a yoga teacher, you know some of the highs and lows it can bring.  I am so happy to be offering a one-on-one mentorship to help guide you through some of the grit. 

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will go over everything from sequencing, to teaching, and more.  My goal is simply to support you and share some of my knowledge and experience to do so.  

Cost: Sliding Scale $750-1250, payment plans available.

Schedule: Coordinated with each person individually, but once per week for 10 weeks with flexibility. 

I have capacity for 2 teachers on a rolling basis.  


Let's spend time figuring out how to best create your vision.  There is no right way to sequence a yoga class, but with guidance I can help point you in some good directions.   Learn to simplify your efforts and be creative without losing people's attention, or safety!  

diana teaching anatomy.JPG

Mindful Feedback

Have you ever wondered how your class went?  While I can't guarantee everyone will like your class, I will share some things I notice, celebrate what went well and offer options to clarify what may have been muddy.  This is not as scary as it sounds! I will attend two of your online yoga classes.   If you are not teaching online, I will ask you to teach me a private class or videotape you teaching a class.  

Diana Adjusting Lily.JPG

All Things Yoga

This portion of the mentorship includes things beyond sequencing and teaching.  We will tailor this portion to what interests you.  This could include functional anatomy, philosophy, classroom management, student/teacher boundaries, navigating the yoga business world, creating a meaningful workshop, how to set up a yoga retreat,  how to teach private lessons, and anything else!  

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